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All donations to the JPF are forwarded to ministries featured in the JPF.

Donation Jewish & Israel Prayer Focus 2020 - 5781


Thanks be to God for the great things He continues to do. In 2018 we distributed over $12,000 in profits or gifts. We donate this directly to the congregations and ministries in the Jewish Prayer Focus, many of which we visit during our tours. A huge amount of Christian support for Israel is unfortunately channeled to non-Christian organisations, which in some cases actively persecute the believers. Your third-world donations covered booklets donated to Kenya, Uganda, Philippines and China and the General Funds’ donations assisted us with our ongoing ministry running expenses.

My great appreciation goes to the ministry leaders and pastors (Jewish and Arab) who have responded and contributed this year. I am greatly indebted to my formatter who, despite working seven days a week, finds the time to make the production look professional and administer the website. Pastor Graham Holman continues his wonderful support in the area of banking, finance and oversight. Susan Pierotti-Nicholson also gives of her time and professional skills for proofreading.

The international coordinators assist to gather the intercessors in their nations to pray with us for the Jewish people, and print and distribute the booklets. Most important are you, our faithful intercessors for God’s people, without whom our ministry would have no point. God hears your prayers and sends His ministering angels in answer to them. May you see the fullness of your hidden service. God bless you as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Ps 122:6) and the salvation of all Israel (Rom 11:26).


Editor watchmen777 [ at ]

Jill founded Shnat Ratzon Ministries (Year of the Lord’s Favour) in 1998

as an Israel Intercessory Support Ministry. From 1997-2001 she lived in Israel, helping at the ‘School of Worship’ in Jerusalem, and researching and writing ‘Prepare the Way for the King of Glory’ with Tom Hess. The Jewish Prayer Focus was birthed in 2002 from Australia, to pray for the Jewish people and to introduce Christians to the Lord’s Biblical Feasts, as well as sharing the good news of God’s redemptive work amongst the Jewish people. Jill also leads prayer tours and coordinates the Israel 24/7 prayer wall (Page 36). She has written and published The Anzac Call to draw attention to the part the ANZACs played in the Middle East, raise up the spiritual Anzac Army, and call the church and nation to stand with Israel.