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A little less than two thousand years ago, and not too far from Rehovot, in a city known for its grandeur construction, towering fortress, splendid gates, and the recognisable stalwart pillars of the second temple, rode a Jewish King on a donkey. His Kingdom was not of this world. He has many names, but in Israel we commonly know this King as Yeshua, and outside Israel as Jesus.

The people welcomed the King crying out, ‘Hoshi-ana’ (Hosanna) which in Hebrew means ‘Please save us’. While their hopes and prayers were for salvation from the Romans, God had a far greater calling for this King above and beyond the expected. This King came to save not only Israel but the whole world from the evil results of sin, rather than the evils of the Roman Empire. He came as the Passover Lamb to rule an eternal kingdom from above. Today, we who have become part of that Kingdom, worship the King as the one true God who rules and reigns from on high.

Acts 1:11 teaches us that this same King who was resurrected to glory will one day return from heaven in the same way He left. Who are the people who will welcome the King? II Tim

4:8 teaches us that those who ‘love his appearing’ are those who expect to receive a ‘crown of righteousness’. Now to be clear, according to II Cor 5:21, that righteousness is obtained not by our own works but by the work of Yeshua our King.

As those of us who will welcome the King when He comes, we need to pray for the nation of Israel that is still waiting for a King. Here in Rehovot, there are Israelis and internationals who look forward to His coming. The congregation in Rehovot has been meeting together for the past 17 years with the desire in our hearts to bring other Israelis and internationals to the King. There are many activities, including women’s Bible studies, men’s Bible studies, prayer meetings, youth group, as well as the weekly worship service on Saturdays. My goal, as the shepherd of the community, is to build the body into spiritually mature believers who will have it on their hearts to reach out to our people with the message of hope in Messiah so that one day more of our people will welcome the King into their hearts.

When you join with us in prayer for our country, our people and our city, you become fellow labourers in building the Kingdom for the King. Wherever you are in the world, prayer binds us together with a vision to honour the King who made us one.

 Rehovot Messianic Assembly

Day 21: Saturday Sept 29