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My husband, Wayne, and I arrived in Israel in the summer of 1983 with two toddlers. We were young, ill-equipped, quite ignorant, but very keen to see what God would unfold in spite of our lack of qualifications. Our main goal that first year was planting a congregation with another couple that preceded us, and learning the language, the culture, and meeting the people.

Thirty-five years later, we look back and see that miracle after miracle has been the pattern of growth. King of Kings Community has been a strong congregation of several hundred for the past 25 years, bringing in and sending out. Local congregations have been planted in other languages, and under King of Kings, Israel College of the Bible began in 1990. God has provided amazing facilities in the heart of Jerusalem where 13 different congregations meet at various times, plus food and clothing are given to the poor. The Anchor of Hope counselling centre is there for the hurting, and the Yuval School of Music and the Arts provides training for almost 200 students who want to use their talents for the Lord!

Almost three years ago my husband passed on the baton of leadership to a younger man, Chad Holland, who is capably leading the ministry forward.

Months before that, my husband officially launched the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM), a global network which exists to inspire, engage and connect people around the world with what God is doing in Israel. Within Israel we have over sixty ministries that are vetted as a part of our network. We help these ministries tell their stories, and in doing so, visitors to Israel are impacted in a powerful way. FIRM holds events throughout the year, which we call ‘FIRM Handshakes’ for pastors and leaders, and we have done this in over a dozen major cities, including London, Ottawa, Singapore, Paris, Chicago, and shortly in Cape Town. It is an open conversation in hopes of engaging the unengaged. We also speak in colleges and universities to help young people sort through the issues about Israel.

One of the main tools of engagement is our annual conference, the Jerusalem Encounter - to encounter God, the Land and the people, especially the ‘living stones’. Hundreds of young people, including pastors, leaders, and educators, come to Israel for the first time for this tour and conference. Let His Kingdom come.

Ann Hilsden, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM)

● Pray that attendees at the conferences will receive an amazing revelation of God’s heart for His people Israel and give clarity to understand the Scriptures and

untangle the complicated political issues of the region (Eph 1:17-18)

● Pray that strategic and divine connections will be made that will bless both the

visitors and the local believers (Ps 115:12-13)

● Pray for a ‘ripple effect’ that awakens Christians to what God is doing in Israel and among His people all over the world (Hab 2:14)

Day 9: Monday Sept 17

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ay Oct 10