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Donation Jewish & Israel Prayer Focus 2020 - 5781 PRAYER INDEX

The Prayer Focus

Sunday  (Sundown) – Sunday

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Prayer Points for Feast Days – Sept 18 (evening)-Oct 9 2020


18. Feast of Trumpets starts tonight beginning the 10 days of Awe. As the shofars sound, pray for Israel to hear the voice of the Lord. Ex 19:15-19, 20:20-23

19. Pray for an awe of God Almighty to fall over the people. Ex 15:11

20. Repent before a Holy God, the Judge of all the earth. Pray that He will show us where we’ve become comfortable with rebellion. Ps 96:7-13, 1 Sam 15:23

21. Pray for Israel to hear the call to return to their God (Hos 3:4-5). Pray for revival among God’s people throughout the world and salvation in the end-time harvest.  Ps 85:8-13

22. As the Jewish and Gentile believers gather in Jerusalem at this time, may they be a sweet fragrance of Yeshua to the lost. 2 Cor 2:14-15

23. Pray that we will all use this season through prayer and repentance to ready ourselves for the Bridegroom’s return (Rev 19:7). Pray that He will show us where we’ve avoided seeking His assessments. Gen 3:8-10

24. Ponder the righteous judgement of God. Rev 3:1-6, 20:11-15

25. Pray for the evil of sin to be revealed to Israel and the church and true repentance to come forth, not rituals or pride. Joel 2:12-20, Jer 17:9-10, Matt chapter 23

26. Pray for protection from attacks in the physical and spiritual realm. In 1973, Israel was attacked on Yom Kippur. Ps 121

27. Tonight begins the Day of Atonement. Give thanks for the atonement we have through Yeshua by His grace, not our works. Heb 9:11-16

28. Pray for the Jews to recognise that forgiveness has been won and is available now in Yeshua. Acts 10:40-43, Acts 2:37-39

29. Pray that God will hasten the day when the Jewish people shall look upon Him, and find the fountain which is open for sin and uncleanness. Zech 12:10, 13:1

30. For the congregations in Israel to boldly share the good news with their fellow countrymen. 1 Cor 15:13-20


1. Pray for the veil to be removed from the eyes of the Jewish people so they can see clearly the way of salvation and put their faith in Yeshua. 2 Cor 3:15, Is 63:15-17, Rom 10:1

2. The Feast of Tabernacles begins tonight. Pray for Israel to dwell with God during Sukkot. Ezek 43:7

3. Rejoice with Israel in the presence of the Lord and thank Him for his abundant provision. Lev 23:40, Phil 4:4

4. For revival in Israel and the success of Jewish outreach ministries worldwide. Ps 85:1-7

5. Pray for workers for the gathering in of the final harvest of souls. Matt 13:39, 41-43, Matt 24:13, Ps 126:5-6

6. Pray for good physical and spiritual rain during spring, winter and autumn rain as this is the beginning of the wet season. Lev 26:3-5, Deut 11:13-14

7. Pray for the thirsty to come and drink the Living Water. Jn 4:13-15, 7:37

8. Pray for Israel to recognise that Jesus is the only true Light of the World, and to come to the Light of life. Jn 8:12

9. Last Day of Sukkot/Simchat Torah begins tonight with dancing with the Torah scrolls. Pray that those from the nations visiting for the High Holiday festivals will be a joyful witness to the Jewish people and have opportunities to share Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. Is 12:2-6

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem