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The Prayer Focus

Sunday September 9 (Sundown) – Sunday September 30

Prayer Map of Israel

Israel 24/7 Prayer Wall

Days of Awe

Feast of Trumpets

Day 1  Feast of Trumpets– Marianna Gol, Be’er Sheva

Day 2  The Days of Awe – Michael Yaron, Rishon L’Zion, Israel

Day 3  Hands of Mercy – Yeshi Reinhardt, Sderot, Israel

Day 4  Heart of God Ministries, Carolyn Hyde, Poriya, Israel

Day 5  Ultra-Orthodox Judaism

Day 6  Lech L’cha Ministry – Liah Lavie, Petach Tikvah, Israel

Day 7  Shevet Achim – Jonathan Miles, Jerusalem, Israel

Day 8  Nazareth Village

Day 9  Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries – Ann Hilsden, Jerusalem, Israel

Day of Atonement

Day 10  Day of Atonement– Insights from Jonathan Cahn, USA

Day 11  Kfar Saba and the Allied breakthrough

Day 12  Elohim House – Glenn Rowbotham, Australia

Day 13  Gospel to all Nations Church – Sibhat Petros, Tel Aviv, Israel

Day 14  River of God Lebanese Congregation - Joseph Hadad, Nahariya, Israel

Feast of Tabernacles

Day 15  The Feast of Tabernacles– Kostya Michailidis – Australia

Day 16  Kehilat Hasdey Yeshua - Debbie Finkelstein, Arad, Israel

Day 17  Awake Israel – Shlomy & Miriam Abramov, Rishon L’Zion, Israel

Day 18  New Covenant Church – Robel Woldechirkos,Tel Aviv, Israel

Day 19  Kehilat Emek Yezreel – Hanna Haustein, Afula, Israel

Day 20  Shabbat – Norma Sarvis, Jerusalem, Israel

Day 21  Rehovot Messianic Assembly, Rehovot, Israel

Simchat Torah

Day 22  Simchat Torah - The Eighth Day of Sukkot

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem