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Pesach - Passover Seder Elements

The Table

White Tablecloth

Matzah in special matze tashe or wrapped in white cover


Elijah’s cup – can use any chalice or wind glass

Bowl of salt water

Basin and towel for washing the hands

2 Candles

Bottle of Red Wine or Grape juice

On the Passover Plate

Shank bone

Boiled egg in shell





Recipe for Charoseth:

1 Apple peeled and grated

½ cup ground walnuts, almonds or pecans

1 teaspoon of honey


Red wine or grape juice

Mix all ingredients together using a little grape juice or wine to moisten.  Minced raisins, dates, or figs can be added.  Mixture should have a clay-like texture (and appearance – but not taste!).

The Meal

Traditional dishes include Matze ball soup, Gefillte Fish, Roast Lamb or Chicken, Nut cake, Banana or carrot cake, Apple cake or Fruit.  These and other recipes can easily be found on the web these days.  In Jewish homes, flour is replaced by matze meal in all cakes, the matze balls in the soup and the stuffing in the roast.  Kosher meals do not mix meat and milk in the same meal.


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Haggadah - text only  0.1mb

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