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The Jewish & Israel Prayer Focus has now expanded from a 40 page booklet to a 244 page book, All Israel Shall Be Saved, that covers not only the September-October feast period but the entire year with much more extensive information and articles. It now explains all the biblical feasts, provides much deeper prayer material and daily prayer point for each month.

We pray prophetically from the Word of God with our eyes on God and His promises, not reactionary prayers based on Satan’s activities on the earth.

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Introducing the Jewish and Israel Prayer Focus

The Jewish and Israel Prayer Focus is an Israel intercessory ministry which began in 2002 to support the Kingdom work of God in the land of Israel and amongst the Jewish people worldwide. God is moving on the earth fulfilling His Word that He spoke to His prophets. We live in these exciting times that they foresaw. After 2,000 years in exile God is breathing from the four winds and returning His people to their ancient land in a physical re-gathering (Isaiah 43:5-7, Jer chapters 31 and 33, Ezek 36). However, His purpose is not to have a secular nation but the physical is a prelude to a spiritual revival that will bring life from the dead (Ezek 37:1-14 Rom 11:15). Just as He commanded His people to gather in Jerusalem at Passover and Pentecost so they would witness His death, resurrection and the outpouring of the Spirit to fulfil these festivals, so He is gathering His people again in preparation for the coming fulfilment of the latter feast days. By aligning with His timing and praying for the preparation of the people, we are doing as Jesus commanded us – to be ready, watching and praying for His return to Jerusalem to take up His reign as the King of kings (Zech 14, Ps 2, Matt 24:29-31, Lk 21:24-36).

The Jewish and Israel Prayer Focus connects with the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian believers in the Land and supports them in prayer and financially. We take virtual and physical tours to Israel to connect individuals and churches with the believers and teach on Israel’s prophetic destiny, end-times, Jewish roots, the Feasts of the Lord, what God is doing in Israel and how and why to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Australia and New Zealand in particular have a specific call of God in relation to Israel, as our forefathers, the ANZAC soldiers in WW1, sacrificed their lives to open the land physically for the Jewish return but the spiritual aspect of this destiny is awaiting its fulfilment by this generation. Spiritual Warriors arise! Begin to fight on your knees.


The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem was initially called in 2002 by a very reputable team of leaders in the US headed by Dr Jack Hayford (The Church on the Way) and Bishop Robert Stearns (Eagles’ Wings Ministries) and has quickly become the largest Israel-focused prayer event in the world with hundreds of millions joining across the world. It aims to raise global awareness and intercession for God’s purposes in Israel, and to unite believers in raising a cry to Heaven on behalf of this strategic land and its people. The Jewish & Israel Prayer Focus is pleased to be a part of this worldwide call.  

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