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October 2010 Tour Reports -


October 17- November 6, 2012

The Greek mindset dominates Western thinking today and is a major stronghold captivating the minds of Western Christianity and stopping us from understanding the biblical world of Hebrew thought and following Jesus the Jewish Messiah. From the Greeks, we received the exultation of philosophy (the mind), entertainment (the soul), sport (the body), individuality, multi-culturalism, knowledge and much that has led us away from biblical absolutes and values. Democracy was also born in Greece.

This intercessory tour will go to Greece to begin to unlock these roots and continue our task of re-grafting ourselves, the church and our nation back to the true biblical olive tree.


Visiting the major sites of Paul’s ministry.  Athens – (Mars Hill. Agora, Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Parliament, Plaka), Corinth – (Canal, Ancient city and museum), Olympia (Olympic site), Berea (Synagogue, Bema, Mosaic of Paul), Thessalonica (Harbour, Old city, Citadel, Walls), Philippi (where Paul baptized Lydia – Acropolis, market, theatre, jail where Paul and Silas were held), Kavala (biblical Neapolis – harbor where Paul landed).  You may also elect a ferry trip to Aegina island.


The Bible will come alive as you walk where Jesus walked and see the physical setting of the Bible. We always visit Pastors (the Living stones) around the nation and distribute JPF funds to them as we tour the major sites. A highlight will be the 95th anniversary of the Light horse Charge at Beersheva on Oct 31st, 2012.

Caesarea Maritima (Herod’s city and theatre), Mt Carmel (Elijah’s contest), Jezreel Valley, Nazareth, Caperneum, Sea of Galilee (boatride), Caperneum, Tiberias, Jordan Valley, Jerusalem (Western wall, Temple Mount, Mt of Olives, Upper room, Garden tomb, Golgotha, St Peter in Gallicantu, David’s City, Temple Institute, Yad Vashem), Dead Sea, Qumran, Masada, Beersheva (95th anniversary of the Lighthorse charge, Abraham’s well, battle site, water system, Park of the Australian soldier, cemetery).

Dates: Oct 17-Nov 6, 2012

Cost: $6,190 for 15 people twin share

Tour Leader: Jill Curry in collaboration with intercessory leaders in Greece and Israel. Jill lived in Israel for over 3 years and has led 4 previous tours to Israel and the Middle East.